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The average consumer would probably be unable to define or even identify a reefer. Yet, reefers and refrigerated transport systems are vastly beneficial to everyone who enjoys produce year-round. The importance of maintaining a well-running reefer is critical; that is why only the best should be trusted with reefer repair services.

JC Transport Refrigeration is a mobile repair company specializing in reefer repair all over Fresno, CA and neighboring towns. For years, we have dedicated our time and energy to providing reliable and high-quality services for our customers. We strive to fix all of your problems on the first try, because we value the time and trust our customers give to us.

Reasonably priced reefer repair services are difficult to find in the area, and it is even more difficult to find dependable mechanics that will travel to their customers. If you have a reefer in need of service or repair, we are at your service! We will make your needs our priority and identify the problem as quickly as possible.

When your reefer systems are down it jeopardizes your income source, as well as the quality and safety of the goods you are transporting. We are dedicated to resolving all of your reefer repair issues, so that you can continue to do what you do best.

We are happy to come to your business and evaluate all of your reefer systems at once. This will prevent any future need for reefer repair services, although we are more than happy to serve whenever you need us.

Our technicians are among the most experienced and talented in the city, and our prices are more than accommodating to your budget. We accept all major credit cards. Make JC Transport Refrigeration your first choice in reefer repair today!